Preparations have begun for the first two of my travels: Poland and Mexico. I have just mailed off a deposit and final paperwork for the Poland mission trip. Even though it might be premature, I have also started looking at different flight times and prices; it is a long flight (18-22 hour total flight time, one direction) and it costs about as much as the trip itself. I am terrified of flying over the pond to the east (Atlantic Ocean), so I am glad that the majority of that will be at night so I do not have to actually see all of that seemingly unending water.

At school this week, we had our first planning meeting for the Mexico studio. I am very excited about having the opportunity to work and learn in that setting. The selection process is still before us with different short essay responses and conferences with past professors to decide who the lucky sixteen will be. It is a three week long work and educational experience in Chihuahua, Mexico on a boarding school. As this summer approaches more and as I learn more, I will share more (imagine that).


what's happening

My recent future looks like this (so far ... God could very well have other things in mind):

This June (2007), I am going to Gliwice, Poland with Habitat for Humanity Global Community. I am so elated to be going. I have done Habitat locally for a decade-ish, and I never knew that they did international team builds.

In July, I hope that I will be part of my school's summer studio in Mexico. That is a great opportunity for education, experience, and it helps me to graduate by December.

October 2007 - I am making my second appearance with my church's medical mission trip to Camanchaj, Guatemala. I am entirely non-medical, but God loves me anyway. Last year was an amazing experience; Guatemala is such a beautiful, mountainous country.

In January 2008 (this is uber exciting for me, and long in waiting), I am going to go to Berlin, Germany to study architecture for a semester, and then work (for free ... yea internship) for an architecture firm there in Berlin! I will be there for a total of eight months with day and weekend trips to Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc.

And after that ... I wonder what God has in store for me ... hmm. I cannot wait; though wait I must.