here comes Poland

So today I picked up this package for me in the mail (and that is exciting in itself). Inside I found my Poland information from Habitat for Humanity International, Global Village program. There was this blue tee-shirt, a book written by Habitat's founder and president, 'The Theology of the Hammer', and a thick orientation handbook. Since discovering the package, my excitement and sure enthusiasm have been building. I am a week away to buying my airline ticket and it is only April. Some potentially more troubling news is that I have to have the trip fully funded by the end of April! I keep forgetting that 45 days is a month and a half (only!) for my trip at the beginning of June. So below is a link to a little website where you can find information about the trip, Habitat and their efforts internationally, and how (if you are blessed) you can donate financially to my trip.


Or if you would like, come and see me, and you can write a check. Beyond financially though, I would ask that you support me - but not only me, the other team members, other teams in different locations, groups outside of Habitat - with your prayers. What a blessing that would be. So that is where I am at: so pumped and ready. Use me Lord, use me!