So I am not sure if internet is a sure thing yet in the village where we are going (Noragachi, Chihuahua, Mexico). We should have electricity for the majority of the three plus weeks, but internet is dependent on the satelite and on if the priest is in town (the church has the only connection). But all is good. If I cannot post during the trip, I will surely be journaling the happenings to share later. We are up in the mountains (two full days drive), so patience is nice. Please pray for our safe keeping and effectiveness to do the work we need to do and build the relationships that need to be cultivated.


Well, off to Chihuahua Mexico in just a couple of hours now. This has been a crazy three weeks from Poland to Mexico. I am not all packed just yet, but close enough for government work. One of these days I will in fact post all of my Poland pictures and now my Mexico pictures ... and then Guatemala, then Berlin! Later though (sorry). I guess that I can do this: here is the last picture that I took from that trip.

America the beautiful. This is somewhere in the middle of the States between Chicago and San Antonio. I really liked the clouds and the blue. Hope you enjoy it too.