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Have you ever happened upon an amazing deal when you weren't even looking to buy? Have you ever bumped into an old good friend when the relationship seemed out of contact but with the one chance meeting has rekindled the connection? Have you ever been stopped by the absolute beauty of the world around you - a glorious sunrise, the aroma of a chili factory on the way to work, or the sparkle and smile of people living a world away?

This is how I describe the newest progression in my life. I have been struggling with how architecture (what I do) can help people that clean water or power is just a dream? What good is a well designed facility when shanti towns are the reality?

While looking for graduate schools I began to lose hope that two of my passions (architecture and missions) would not be able to coexist with relevance. I broadened my scope outside of the U.S. of A. to the world. England, Scotland, India, Australia, Costa Rica, Brazil, South Africa. Nothing fit. Then there it was. There is a program in Stuttgart, Germany (taught in English = geared towards international students) that is more than master planning or public works projects. "This Master's Program Infrastructure Planning emphasizes an interdisciplinary, integrated approach to planning and deals with problems especially relevant to developing and newly industrializing countries." Relevancy.

Relevancy for people that need for us to be everything that we can bring to the table. To share God's love by being present and able. I like that. That's what I want my life to look like. So, I'm applying. I will find out if I'm accepted in March. I guess that means I need to finish applying first.